Our Doctors

Staten McClacherty DC

Personal Professional Photo of Dr. Staten McClacherty

Dr. Staten McClacherty is the new owner of The Chiropractic Centers. Dr. Staten is a 2017 Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College. 

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Dr. Susan Buchanan-Cheney DC, DABCI


Dr. Susan specializes in newborn and toddler chiropractic care as well as pregnancy care.  

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Dr. Dustin Cheney DC, DABCI

Personal Professional Photo of Dr. Dustin Cheney

Dr. Dustin Cheney was the 2010 Young Doctor of the year and has been a chiropractor for 15 years.  

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Our Team

Sierra Reed


Sierra is our front desk and thearpy assistant in both our Phillipsburg and Stockton clinics. 

Angie Miller


Have questions about your insurance? Angie in our Billing department would love to assist you. 

Cheryl Hall


Cheryl has been with The Chiropractic Centers for 12 years. She is our Office Manager, for general questions feel free to contact her. 

Shyann Miller


Shyann is our filing clerk in our Phillipsburg office!